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Company Overview

Businessincub was founded in Zurich by Dr. Dominic Oertly in 2022. A group of skilled professionals, who believe in helping small, medium enterprises (SMEs) to succeed in the digital world, joined him.

We help startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs to enhance their digital IQ and be competitive in their respective industries.

Through our innovative consulting as a service model, we provide tailored solutions to meet your business needs, delivering expert guidance precisely when and where you need it.

In Business Consulting, we offer services in four key areas:

  • Transformation;
  • Technology;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • Legal Solutions.

In Company Brokerage, we help our clients to sell their businesses, as we take over the sales process of your business and facilitate the entire workflows such as document preparation, buyer targeting, negotiation, contract management, closing process etc.

With Businessincub, unlock the power of collaborative consulting to propel your business forward.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of professionals with the relevant experience to create value for you and your business.

Our Mission

We make E-Business simple in this complex digital world:

  • Our mission is to help startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs enhance their digital IQ and be competitive in their respective industry.
  • We empower startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs through diverse and creative solutions in Business Consulting and Company Brokerage.
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