Digital enabling of a Swiss publishing house

For a Swiss publishing company we created a holistic e-commerce concept, which was the basis for the development of various digital platforms we created.

The work also included the registration of national and international trademarks as well as the implementation of necessary legal requirements.


The biggest challenges were as follows:

  • Build Platform/online store in which different products (analog/digital), apps, games are sold:
    In a nutshell: Create a marketplace/online store for products (analog/digital) and services (analog/digital). This paired with editorial content (information and/or entertainment) as content marketing as well as paid third-party advertising (including producers).
  • Focus on modular expandability:
    Expandability: Analog assortments, digital assortments, bookable services. This should not only cover IT aspects, but also legal, accounting, brand, etc. Specifically, integration of accounting systems (automated invoicing, payment processing, accounting) as well.
  • Same IT processes in the back, different sales areas in the front:
    System should be copyable (applicability for new shops/platforms). One way is to aim for niche, the other way is to be broad enough. To be king of the niche and not to be afraid of limiting the market by focusing on a certain area. Especially on a global level, there is a lot of potential for expansion. Regarding niches, there is focus on specific relevant topic with broad product coverage.
  • Various theme stores
    Fantasy, Romance, Health (important: create awareness), Love & Partnership and Children & Family in CH, same in Germany. Idea, also in the context of Fantasy: Metaverse, Gaming and digital products (Apps).
  • Other important goals
    Flexible IT architecture, transparent and automated setup, no in-house warehouse, running lean approach.


A discussion of the solutions was based on a half-day workshop in which the following topics were addressed:

  • Status Quo and Goal;
  • Domains and Trademarks;
  • E-Commerce systems;
  • Operating models;
  • E-Payment;
  • Logistics and Fulfillment;
  • Design and Layout;
  • Interfaces;
  • SEO / SEM;
  • Marketing;
  • Data Policy;
  • Legal / Tax.


Based on that, an extensive concept of almost 50 pages was created. This was the starting point for the implementation phase, that covered multiple digital platforms.

The three created digital platforms cover the following topics:

  • Kids and family;
  • Love and dating;
  • Fantasy.