Rudolf Schuler Transformation & Technology Expert

Areas of Expertise
  • Sales management direct and indirect
  • Management
  • Change management
  • Growth strategy
  • Transformation of software solutions into a Saas environment
  • Diploma, Electrical Engineering Mannheim, Germany
  • Diploma, Automatisierungstechnik Wiesbaden, Germany

As an entrepreneur and sales strategist, Rudolf brings a large package of experience in leading software companies. As a leader, he is shaper and implementer, achieving set goals is his drive, motivating teams, customers and partners to excel and always leading by example.

  • Experienced senior manager and entrepreneur with international software manufacturers
  • Responsible for a business unit with 90 employees and 80M ARR +
  • Sales strategist and manager of direct and indirect sales teams
  • Successful transformation from license business to SaaS subscription business
  • Doer, creative mind and dynamic strategist

Winning is not everything, but the will to win is.” (Vince Lombardi)

More than 27 years in the IT business. Rudolf learned his sales and management skills at large software companies like BMC Software, Oracle and Sage Software. During this time he was able to implement many growth projects also with smaller software vendors in the HR-ERP and Finance management environment.