Jeffrey Van der Eijk Transformation & Digital Marketing Expert

Jeffrey Van der Eijk, Transformation & Digital Marketing Expert, Businessincub
Areas of Expertise
  • Scaling EU and Non-EU Brands into European Markets
  • E-Commerce & Marketplaces Expert (Amazon EU) 
  • Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Applications
  • Boardroom Advisor for Revenue-Generating Strategies 
  • MS, Economics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • BS, Marketing, Innovation & Communication, University of Applied Science, The Netherlands. 

Jeffrey is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully brought 5 technology & AI startups to the scale-up phase (EXIT). For the past 5 years, he has been helping startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs to be successful in Europe. All the knowledge and experience he has gained during his entrepreneurial period he now shares it with tomorrow’s leaders (via Scale Advice). 

He is an expert in driving revenue growth in Europe on the Amazon EU platform. Amazon Infrastructure as a Service is an end-to-end solution that allows brands to enter the European market without high investment cost. 

Opening to new market is a fast way to grow revenues without investing in product development. The E-commerce market in Europe represents the largest online market, with even more countries to expand to in the future. Still, there is no such thing as European strategy – Europe can only be approached on country level, we open and develop the largest market in the world for EU and Non-EU brands. 

“I drive revenue growth in Europe and increase profits while effectively outpacing the competition with cutting-edge revenue engines.

 – Scale Advice. 

Founder | Datacenter PUE Optimisation | Machine Learning applications for optimisation and reduce the cooling Bill with 40% | (EXIT)

Founder | Industrial Maintenance & Quality control | Solve the problem of unplanned downtime & energy waste for global industrial companies | (EXIT)

Founder | Conversational Commerce | Omnichannel Conversational Commerce platform (EXIT)

Founder | PRDCT | Marketing Automation platform with AI solutions | (EXIT)

Founder | Xomnia | Xomnia is the leading AI consulting company in The Netherlands | (EXIT)

Founder | Anchormen | Anchormen stands at the crossroads of Data Science & A.I., Data Engineering and Software Engineering | Dutch AI coalition 

Program Manager transitions technical Industries & program Leader Industry 4.0

Startup Mentor | Deep Tech | YesDelft University