Irina Böni Transformation & Strategy Expert

Irina Böni - Transformation & Strategy Expert - Businessincub
Areas of Expertise
  • Strategic Planning for Enhanced Adaptability and Efficiency 
  • Change Vision & Strategy, Change Readiness Assessment, Change Management Processes, Change Communication Plan, Overcoming Change Fatigue
  • Management Training: (Remote) Team Management, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation, Multicultural Management, Corporate Culture Transformation
  • Effective Communication Training
  • Professional Writing
  • Executive MBA, Quantic School of Business and Technology
  • MPhil, Knowledge Management, University of Bucharest 
  • BA, Media and Communication, University of Bucharest
  • Innovation Management, Leeds University 
  • Complex Problem Solving, IMD Business School
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law

With nearly 20 years of experience across different industries, Irina partners with organizations and their teams to develop the mindsets, practices and processes they need in order to succeed.

Good solutions come from understanding of the actors, the prevailing circumstances, and their far-reaching implications. Irina recognizes that the viability of these solutions diminishes outside their optimal timeframe – which makes timely delivery one of the backbones of her work ethic. Driven by a belief in continuous learning and improvement, Irina looks for solutions of superior quality, sustainable in their nature, where people are at their best within the given context. 

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for” – Sir John Lubbock. 

Irina held management positions in Zurich, Bucharest and London, focusing on innovation, business development and corporate affairs. Recent sectors include Tech, Law & Tax, Media & Comms, Management Consulting and Banking.