Businessincub Transformation provides organizations with the ability to unlock potential through holistic and sustainable transformations.

Our hands-on approach and extensive digital experience can deliver impact to improve business performance at every level within an organization.

“Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” (John F. Kennedy)

Transformation Challenges

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want [Illustration].

Corporate Strategy

We help clients improve performance and position themselves for success by assessing how internal and external changes affect progress towards strategic goals. Services include:

  • Accounting
  • Enterprise strategies
  • Annual planning processes
  • Scenario planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Wargaming

Support beyond the business plan

We help clients make smart decisions to leverage their greatest strengths and propel future growth. Our approach will ensure that clients’ product portfolios and resources remain aligned with their overall objectives and help develop the agility to quickly respond to market changes.

A good product or service alone is no longer sufficient for success. Instead, outstanding portfolio management is critical for success.

We help our clients shape and accelerate their transformation program holistically.

To ensure rigor and discipline throughout the transformation process, we set up Transformation Management Office that drives implementation of the improvement initiatives, enables the change, and ensures that the program delivers impact.

Our change management capability unlocks transformation’s true potential, using approaches and tools that incorporate artificial intelligence, behavioral science, deep learning, and data analytics. 

We help align and activate leaders around strategic initiatives, craft and execute persona-driven communications and engagement plans, manage transformation-related people changes and cost reductions, transform organizational performance and culture, create program-management best practices for complex business strategies, among other key change initiatives.

Managing talent well has become crucial as leaders must shape a workforce with the skills to deliver on strategy now and in the future.

It is key to design people processes and systems to propel the organization forward by empowering the HR function to be more strategic and analytics-based; shape capabilities to build and retain the workforce needed to advance the mission.

Program Management and Project Delivery

Our Project Management Office (PMO) services can help clients control and monitor variables throughout a project’s life cycle to keep it on track and delivering against its objectives.

Our PMO services also help improve project dynamism, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Our PMO services include:

  • Methodologies and standards development
  • Processes and mechanisms for risk management, demand management, counselling, and decision support
  • Management of service level agreements

Best-in-class Analysis