We help clients leverage the power of digital, technology and data to enhance organizational performance and overall business value.

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” (Bill Gates)

Data Analytics

Our analytics services and solutions can help any SMEs and entrepreneurs grow and differentiate themselves against competition. We identify use cases that can deliver against your business priorities and create analytics solutions with the right talent and technologies to suit your needs.

A data and analytics strategy is foundational for any business transformation. We help you establish strong practices that set the stage for growth:

  • Data and Analytics Strategy – We’ll map your analytics initiatives to quantifiable business outcomes with a data-driven approach.
  • Data ManagementIn addition to data synthesis and analytics, we assist with governance, monetization and compliance.
  • Data DemocratizationWe customize user-friendly tools to empower employees to embrace data.

Do you use segmentation in reporting?

Not all users are the same. Treating them the same can lead to frustration and almost no progress or growth in your business, no matter how hard you try.

Consequently, segmentation and custom reports are key to a successful optimization strategy and a culture that is data-driven.

Website Development We offer a wide range of tailored web development services delivered to streamline a business workflow or build a best-seller product that’s perfectly optimized. We provide market-leading solutions powered by flexible collaboration, in-depth expertise, and relevant technology.

CMS Web Development

Building a custom CMS solution from scratch, we develop platforms to automate and streamline content management tasks efficiently.

Front-end Development

We can help you develop multi-range products built with the combination of reusable components, state-of-art designs, and tailored UI/UX functionality.

Cloud-based Development

We leverage cloud environments to offer unprecedented content and data storage flexibility.

Web design and redesign

Our team develops designs that emphasize accessibility and performance through intuitive interfaces, engaging user journeys, and well-researched UX.

Back-end Development

We can help you build secure, high-performance backbone architectures that pledge software resilience even in the most difficult conditions.

Web optimization and testing

We help you to optimize an existing solution or redesign a product completely. We also combine a variety of the best traditional manual and automated testing approaches, QA, and custom-written tests.

Why clients choose us

Community of Experts

We believe in open collaboration models to ensure that clients’ interests are prioritized.

We also have a Community of Experts to leverage a pool of skilled people from various industries, functions and technology areas.

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Bionic Future

We believe in the power of combining technology with human capabilities to achieve performance.

We partner to offer capabilities in ‘older tech` areas i.e. software, cloud, UX and `new tech` i.e. metaverse, AR, VR and AI.

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Swiss Roots

Our root is Zurich, Switzerland. However, we believe the world will be more interconnected.

We aim to be the ‘bridge’ between Europe, especially Switzerland, and fast-growing regions Asia, Middle East and South America.

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Mobile App Development 

We support from business analysis and prototyping to quality assurance and further deployment of mobile applications. Our team provides custom mobile application development services of any complexity using a technical approach to client’s business needs.

Our focus areas are:

  • Mobile iOS DevelopmentWe can create robust applications designed for a wide range of Apple devices: from Apple Watch to Apple TV and the latest iPhone.
  • Mobile Android DevelopmentWe have a team of skilled developers who know exactly how to impress users with rich features and captivating design.
  • Cross-platform Development – Our cross-platform mobile developers will create an app that will perform on various mobile platforms just like native apps.
  • Mobile App Design and RedesignOur team develops designs that emphasize accessibility and performance through intuitive interfaces, engaging user journeys, and well-researched UX.
  • Mobile App Optimization – We help you to optimize an existing mobile app solution or redesign a new app completely.
  • Mobile App TestingWe combine a variety of the best traditional manual and automated testing approaches, QA, and custom-written tests.

UI/UX Design

Our team can provide you with a unique and compelling product design that perfectly reflects your brand personality, enhances your brand awareness in the market, grows customer conversions and drive loyalty and advocacy. We also explore 2D/3D design trends and finding the best ways to empower our clients’ customer experiences.

Our focus areas are:

  • Web and Mobile UI/UX DesignWe deliver responsive web design, adaptive mobile design, and user-friendly interfaces.
  • Design strategy DevelopmentWe help clients understand the meaning of great design in business and develop operational strategies for companies that strive to add value to their brand through design.
  • Design concept DevelopmentOur team can assist you with the best wireframing and prototyping development services. We can create a strategy that strives to combine user vision, your idea, and technology.
  • UI/UX design Audit – We conduct a UI/UX audit, with recommendations on what types of design changes you should make to achieve your desired results.
  • UI/UX design Research – Our team can provide you with personalized research about the UI/UX within your specific web or mobile solution.

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