Own publication: Data Policy as a legal topic

Data policy as a legal topic – Agenda for Open Government Data

The importance of data is increasing exponentially in the digital information society. Transparency and data access therefore play an increasingly important role. In the context of the Federal Council’s “Digital Switzerland” strategy, the formulation of a coherent data policy appears to be essential. The importance of an open data economy is also demonstrated by the Federal Council’s OGD strategy to make public sector data available to the public in an appropriate manner. Based on the basic principles of information law as well as the embedding of OGD in information administration law, the work deals with OGD in various federal decrees as well as corresponding questions of use and liability. The authors want to contribute to the discussion about an appropriate data policy in Switzerland.

  • Authors:
    Prof. Rolf H. Weber / Christian Laux / Dr. Dominic Oertly
  • Book Series:
    Publikationen aus dem Zentrum für Informations- und Kommunikationsrecht der Universität Zürich, 64
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    Schulthess Verlag
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    Book (paperback)
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    CHF 79.00 (Schulthess Verlag)
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    Zurich, 2016
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