Info change of Information and Communication Law

Rolf H. Weber was a full professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich from 1995 to 2016. As an outstanding researcher and academic teacher, he has achieved extraordinary things. In his scholarly work, he has repeatedly broken prevailing disciplinary boundaries; his diverse and extensive body of work encompasses topics from various areas of law and does not shy away from interdisciplinary issues. His research has always been characterized by his special interest in social and technological change. On the occasion of his 65th birthday, 15 of his former and current doctoral students and assistants are honoring him with a commemorative publication entitled “Law and Change” to address this aspect of his life’s work in various fields of law.

Dr Dominic Oertly, CEO of Businessincub, and Dr Lennart Chrobak were honored to write an essay in this work on information in change of information and communication law.

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