Company Brokerage

Record-Breaking Level in Swiss M&A Activities in 2020

1. Preparation

In the first phase, we review your documents. This includes, for example, accounting and tax returns.

Based on this we will determine the enterprise value with different methods, create an anonymous sales advertisement and insert on suitable platforms.

2. Buyer selection

When selecting buyers, we can draw on our own pool of interested parties as. well as new ones.

We take the necessary actions and serve as single point of contact. Based on this, we will select the best parties and coordinate appointments.

3. Negotiation

To ensure successful negotiations, we will prepare the necessary documents in advance.

These are a sales presentation of your company, a non-disclosure agreement and other additional documents that are needed

Then, the negotiations will be conducted, according to request,  with or without your presence.

4. Contract and sale

In this final phase a due diligence becomes necessary, which we coordinate.

After successful completion, the sales contracts are drawn up and the remaining documentation for the sale is being prepared.

These are, e.g. the minutes of the shareholders’ meeting as well as the application to the commercial register.


Your Advantages

Concurrent interests

We mainly work on a success basis and thus pursue the same interests.

Transparent fees

Our fee structure will be shown transparently and discussed together.

Broad network

When selling your company, we can count on a large network with expertise.

Established processes

Our company process to sell your company is established and focuses on your needs.

Own buyers pool

We have our own pool of interested buyers, which we make available to you.

Legal Certainty

We know the legal pitfalls and guarantee legal certainty for the transaction.


Sell your company and monetize your efforts. We are happy to help you.